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Company Profiling

We update nearly 100,000 company profiles across 35+ industries and 150+ countries

SEEK Research Solutions helps clients maintain up-to-date company database in the form of company profiles. Company profiles are of great value to businesses that are focussing on identifying new markets, customers and partners. Outsource your company research needs to SEEK Research Solutions who have the right expertize to handle your projects.

Financial Profiling

We provide financial profiles for around 30,000 public companies worldwide.

SEEK Research Solutions provides critical summary of a company’s financial outlook which helps clients to have a snapshot view of the company’s performance.

A standard financial profile would include Basic corporate profile, Company Summary, Company Analysis, Key Financial Indicators, Financial Statements, Financial Summary, etc.

Custom Research

Clients have unique and specific research requirements which do not fit into our regular outsourcing offerings. We categroize them as “custom projects” as each of these require specific and focussed scoping, research and implementation. A dedicated senior Business Analyst from the team works closely with the client to understand the specific research needs. The research scope is documented and a thorough process methodology is drawn up and discussed with the client before the start of the project.

Data Processing

SEEK Research Solutions is your trusted partner for all data entry and data processing needs. We guarantee high focus with low costs to help clients focus on their core-businesses. We understand the criticality of accurate, timely and dependable data delivery to our clients and hence have a through process methodology followed with uncompromising quality standards. Our strength in handling data processing requirements makes us a favoured destination of such outsourcing needs.

Presales Contact Databases

SEEK Research Solutions caters to clients’ need for business leads. We understand the importance of key contact database of decision makers to companies’ pre-sales teams. Aggressive business growth depens on a successful sales team. We help to achieve this through our verified and up-to-date lead list that helps sales teams focus on high potential targets.